Clayton Wheaton’s love of riding and fixing motorcycles began at the young age of 7, when he first started competing in motocross, TT, flat track, supermoto, and ice racing events in the Rochester, NY area. He has gained extensive product knowledge and service experience from working first at a local Harley dealership, where he helped crew an AMA pro road race team, followed by his time at Country Rode Motorwerks BMW dealership.

Clay’s love for BWW motorcycles first started when he worked at Country Rode Motorwerks and there he had the unique opportunity to be around some wonderful new ad older BMW’s. After owning several new BMWs, Clay saw a local Craigslist ad for a 1971 R60/5 and a new passion was born. Today, Clay’s collection has expanded to include his beloved Daytona Orange 1975 R90s and a 1978 R100, which currently has 285,000 miles and counting as well as other vintage BMW’s.

Since the very day he fell in love with BMW’s, Clay has devoted his personal time to the restoration and service of vintage BMW motorcycles and in 2020, from the encouragement of his friends and family, decided to pursue his passion full-time.

As a result, Wheaton Motorwerks was born and the shop space quickly filled up as a result of the excitement and support from the local riding community in Chester County and surrounding areas. The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has reinvigorated the vintage motorcycle scene and many people have had the time to realize their interest and passion for getting these bikes back on the road.

Clay’s passion is only surpassed by his technical and mechanical ability” – Mac Kirkpatrick, President of the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners